Sacramento Valley Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous


Committee Chairs Backup 5/5/2018

For a Current Committee Chair List, visit the Trusted Servants Page

Committee Chairs are elected at the December Intergroup meeting for the following calendar year. They serve for a period of one (1) year and shall have one (1) year in OA and six (6) months abstinence. 

If you would like to chair or serve on a committee, please attend an Intergroup meeting or contact us. Use our contact form to send us an e-mail, if you have questions or want more information.

Committee Chair Positions

  • Answerphone
  • Designated Downloader
  • Events
  • Group Growth
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Newsletter
  • Professional Outreach
  • Public Information
  • Retreat
  • Speaker List
  • Twelve Step Within
  • Young Persons

Committee Chair Duties

Answer Phone
Listen to and answer messages from voicemail; update voicemail message and monitor account as needed; read and answer e-mail from contact form on website and e-mail address of

Designated Downloader
Provide printed materials for members of the local OA Fellowship who do not have access to computers. The Designated Downloader provides printed information that might only be available online.

Manage event locations/dates; plan event program and budget; collect and count donations; arrangements for a speaker(s) (phone calls, transportation, meals); purchase needed supplies; promote event (postcard/flyer).

Group Growth
Facilitate Intergroup Representative effectiveness by creating and using tools to help Intergroup Reps share within their groups and at Intergroup: create and/or maintain documents to support groups through their Intergroup Reps and make available for download on website; maintain connection with Intergroup Reps that are absent or unable to attend Intergroup meetings; visit the OA website for relevant documents or information to share with Intergroup.

These duties have changed and will be updated soon.  For more information visit the Literature Page.

Acquire and manage recordings (audio/visual) of OA events; make recordings available for distribution and/or website streaming as needed (working skill with Audio/visual software is desired).

Update and modify "Valley Voice" newsletter as needed (working skill with desktop publishing is desired); make copies and bring to Intergroup meeting for Intergroup Reps to distribute; get reimbursed for expenses through Treasurer; e-mail finalized document as a PDF to webmaster.

Professional Outreach
Establish and maintain contact with the professional medical community; responsible for literature packets for handout from medical standpoint. Available to serve at health fairs or medical events.

Public Information
Be a point of contact for the media, and community at large. Respond to requests for OA booths or public information events such as health fairs; initiate and conduct public outreach, via events and media publicity.

Act as liaison between Intergroup and the retreat committee; create and distribute fliers for retreat.

Speaker List
Manage and maintain a list of available speakers who are willing to travel and carry their message of strength and hope to other OA groups; point of contact for other OA groups who are looking for a guest speaker. 

Twelve Step Within          

Our 12th Step in Overeaters Anonymous tells us to "carry the message to compulsive overeaters...". The primary purpose of the Twelfth Step Within, therefore, is to carry that same message to those who still suffer within the OA fellowship. Thus, the Twelfth Step Within Committee deals largely with relapse and issues of membership retention - the message, of course, is hope.

Young Persons
Help formulate goals and oversee projects that are geared towards young people in our fellowship.

In Addition

All Committee Chairs are to: solicit committee members, as needed; submit a budget once a year to Intergroup; monitor activities/expenses to stay within the budget provided and identify solutions to meet any anticipated budget shortfall and present them to Intergroup for approval; attend monthly Intergroup meetings and provide a monthly report; and, you are encouraged to write an article for the newsletter/website describing committee responsibilities, activities/achievements and your experience with this service.