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Take Pleasure

I’m learning to live as if everything is a pleasure. It sounds preposterous, and I don’t intend to laugh at tragedy or others’ pain. Living as if everything is a pleasure helps me stop, refocus, and notice my negative reactions to others’ behaviors or beliefs so I can learn that it’s my inner environment that brings me grief or joy during the day. It’s a daily practice to look for the positives if I‘m annoyed with something.

The first positive thing I can do is to be grateful that I’m part of the Twelve Step program. I have clear directions to follow, which I can take with me throughout the day, for the rest of my life. If I take back my old attitudes, which are always waiting in the wings, I once again will be living in negativity. Growing up in a depressive, alcoholic, food-addicted family, with its inevitable traumas, taught me to go through life fearfully.

I came to OA with prejudices and beliefs, which were harmful as well as useless. Because I used food as one of my escapes growing up, I never learned age-appropriate social skills. I either ignored people or found people I could be too dependent upon. These addictive patterns prevented me from developing healthy social interactions and personal responsibility.

The second action I can employ is to look around and see something beautiful to focus on while I’m remembering some basic principles learned by walking through the Steps. I can remember a prayer or some slogans, and remember that God loves all of us in spite of our faults. There is power in love and forgiveness. If there are threats to our safety, we can leave the scene but take a loving prayer with us for others and ourselves. Then we have reinforced our healthier behavior and attitudes, and life will surely be a pleasure.

-- Anonymous, California USA OA's Lifeline Magazjne - 50th Anniversary 1965-2915 edition, November/December 2015, “Giving Thanks,” p. 6
Overeaters Anonymous, Inc.

Posted December 9, 2016