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In Step Seven Save (below), the Principle of Step Seven, humility, is the antidote for the writer's character defect of pride. But before humility could be properly applied, it had to be understood. The writer came to understand what humility is only by reading the definitions of humility in OA-approved literature. Are you stuck on a Step, Tradition, or defect of character? Identify your problem area and search for the list of spiritual Principles on Identify the Principle(s) that can help and, through discussion and reading, take down notes to aid your understanding.

Step Seven Save
My favorites among the literature are The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and the AA Twelve and Twelve. Both books have helped me, especially with Step Seven. I struggle so much with the character defect of pride, and I find the antidote in the Principle of Step Seven:humility.

Before OA, I didn't even know how to define humility, much less "work it." Now, almost every day, I say, "Humility is simply awareness and willingness." That information is straight out of the Step Seven teaching in the literature.

I'd thought humility was something so different! I'd thought humility was something you either had or didn't, and I certainly didn't. Now I see: as I surrender in Step Three (not a one-time surrender, a daily surrender), God gradually and graciously teaches me and gives me a growing awareness, a growing "as-needed" willingness, and a corresponding, slowly-expanding capacity for humility. Progress, not perfection.


-- Edited and reprinted from Common Bond newsletter, Western Michigan Intergroup, May/June 2014.

Rerinted in the OA magazine, Lifeline - A Meeting on the Go, September 2017
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