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End of the Road

I will soon celebrate sixteen to a prayer. She practices the old- years in OA. I have been abstinent all but nine months and have had four sponsors. I don’t wear them out; one of us moves or something else happens—Higher Power was ready for us to move on. 

Each sponsor has been an extraordinary gift. I can’t believe I exude their same patience, warmth, reliability, and honesty, but I sponsor anyway. I can only keep what I share; my sponsors shared their recovery with me.

During my first thirty days, my first sponsor had me call every day to turn over my specific eating plan. Until I became honest, I could not be abstinent.

My second sponsor listened to me and laughed with me. She worked the Steps with rigor and certainty that they work. They do! 

My third sponsor shared her challenges. She loved and accepted me where I was. She taught me OA longevity: Be honest, open, and willing and keep coming back. After thirty years, she still wrestles with the “God thing,” but she keeps coming back.

My current sponsor is the answer time Step work foundation and shares her joys and frustrations. We share a common passion and cosponsor each other. I’m learning to listen. 

What’s it like this far along in program, one day at a time? I have plenty of joy!

Ask someone who is committed to abstinence and working the Steps to sponsor you. Listen to what they say. 

OA is the end of the road for my compulsive eating.

— Lifeline, June 2010