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Step 3 - Fear Removal

I must confess: after nearly three years in this program, Step Three is the one I've struggled with most. Naturally, that's the Step I've been asked to write about. I wonder if my Higher Power has anything to do with that! Like a lot of people, I experienced a childhood of abuse. I guess yo ..

Tradition 3 - No Need To Know

I am writing for myself and those who feel they don't really belong in OA. I'm writing for the atheists and agnostics. My Dad was in recovery in another Twelve Step fellowship for thirty years. He was also agnostic. Over the years when I was growing up, I'd ask him, "Do you think there is  ..

Quick Calling

When I used to exercise compulsively, I had a saying I would use to keep hydrated: "When you think, drink." Now that I am abstinent, I no longer exercise compulsively. But I use a similar method to make outreach calls. Whenever my intuition (also known as my HP's will) tells me I should real ..

I Am Home

Isolation and hope stand out to me today, in part because of the Voices of Recovery reading on isolation and fellowship (p. 191) and in part because eight years ago today I surrendered my food to my Higher Power. Today I carry a message of hope as I enjoy a life vastly beyond my wildest dreams.  ..