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Step 3 Study - Thought, Preparing for Action

Step Three - Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him "When I first joined Overeaters Anonymous, the first three Steps annoyed and frustrated me. What were these Steps that could not be proven with any tangible evidence? I wanted to be writing ..

Step 1 Study - Never and Always

When I read about Step One and think about my life – – my crazy eating habits, the mental obsession I've struggled with – – I can freely, honestly, humbly admit that I am definitely powerless over food. I have tried to control my eating most of my adult life and have always failed. I have o ..

Step 12 Study - The Best Possible Place

The Step Twelve chapter (pp.99-106) in The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous talks about being no longer controlled by or afraid of food. The fact is God has lifted my food obsession and restored me to sanity. It’s true for me what it says in the chapter: I no longer eat ..

The Spiritual Path - Clarity without Certainty

The Spiritual Path “Our path in OA transcends weight loss and a return to emotional healthy.” – Seeking the Spiritual Path I have been in program for thirty-five years and I’m blessed with long-term recovery. I feel moved to write about my journey toward developing a relationship with  ..

Stepping through the Holidays -- HP’s Holiday Card

I’d like to share a love note Higher Power gave me withTIPS for staying abstinent and sane during the holidays. Dear One, thanks for getting in touch! Please know this: Nothing you could think, say, or do could make me love or respect you less. If you’re in the food, you’re separating  ..

Step 11 Study - The Sum of One and One

At a recent meeting, the topic for sharing was “What Step has been most meaningful in your recovery?” As you can imagine, a dozen members presented a dozen different responses. I will share my answer with you. If I were to be accused of two-stepping, I hope that my evidence would point to St ..

Step 10 Study - Story at Ten

Tenth Step inventory is one day of my story. Any harms have I done? Did I help anyone? Judged others, “If only . . .?” Offered hope to the lonely? To old grudges cling? Or self-pity’s song sing? My duties remiss in? Did I talk more or listen? Take more than I neede ..

Bits and Bites, September 2017

THE MORE TOTAL OUR SURRENDER, THE MORE FULLY REALIZED OUR FREEDOM FROM FOOD OBSESSION. -- Our Invitation to You (Ovreaters Anonymous, Third Edition, p 3) I don't have to WAIT until I am PERFECT TO DO SERVICE. -- Voices of Recovery (p.252) Expectations a ..

Step Seven Save ... Humility ... For Discussion ... Journaling

In Step Seven Save (below), the Principle of Step Seven, humility, is the antidote for the writer's character defect of pride. But before humility could be properly applied, it had to be understood. The writer came to understand what humility is only by reading the definitions of humility in OA- ..

Step 9 Study - Mopping Up Mistakes

Almost no one looks forward to doing Step Nine, yet it plays such an important part in any recovery that goes beyond weight loss. Two experiences showed me the advantage of working this Step with a sponsor. Whenever I reviewed my past conduct, I always felt guilty; I’d cheated two e ..